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There has been a bit of a buzz in the SEO community this week with the announcement from Google about their new version of Google. Essentially it is still in a testing (sandbox) phase, and they have opened it up for feedback. I still have to see some real major differences, but it does show some slight changes in the algorithm.

Some quick points noted about Google Caffeine :

  • Image results seem to have lower priority.
  • Search results appears to be about 50% faster.
  • Larger index size.
  • A different sensitivity to keywords in domain names.

Caffeine Comparison Tool

As always we like comparisons to be easy, like the Google / Bing Comparison, so I chopped the tool around to do a comparison between Google and the new Google Caffeine version and it’s located at .Give the tool a run and see for yourself the differences.

Right now we have a US .com and Irish .IE targeted versions, more can be added upon request. Just say the word !


Given the amount of feedback I’ve gotten, I decided to implement some changes:

  • Added .CO.UK version , the tool is now available in .COM / .CO.UK / .DE & .IE versions
  • Ability to see more than 10 results, now has the option to show 10/20/50/100 SERPs
  • Personalised search is turned off. Result changes on the current version of Google SERPs won’t be effected by what you have clicked / searched previously.


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