747 SEO

Update November 2012 : This offer is currently not available.
I’m happy to announce a new type SEO consultancy. It’s called 747 SEO. It’s a fixed price SEO contract that gives your website a kick-start into the world of SEO. The long and the short of it is that you get an analysis of your current site, guidance with a SEO strategy to move your site forward, ideas on link building & on-going look at your site’s performance and suggested changes to your strategy. All this for a very reasonable price.


Learn about SEO

The idea is that you will learn a little about SEO as we (you and me) move to improve your website. This is very much a pedagogical approach to SEO. The timeline for the project would be 6 months, and you would get at least 10 hours of consultancy time. And this will cost you €747.

This product isn’t aimed at large corporates or multiples, rather its for Small Medium Enterprises who want to learn a bit about SEO. Because of this I reserve the right to offer this product to you.


What you furnish me with:

  • the URL of your website
  • access to your analytics (can also be setup for you if you don’t have one)
  • access to your Google Webmaster console account (can also be setup for you if haven’t done this already)
  • some background about your typical customer
  • pay 50% upfront (€373.50 ex. VAT)

The project would start once your payment has been received. I would go through your website, understand what types of customers you have, and how we can improve how the search engines see your website. These ideas will be presented in a short document.


What you get from me:

  • a series of phone calls to discuss about your business (or Skype if you’d like to see me)
  • your website analysed (analytics, rankings, errors, spidering, competitors and other issues looked at)
  • a plan of action on how you can improve the SEO of your website, site changes, redesign, CMS.
  • a strategy on marketing your website {as needed, includes Google Places for business for example}
  • on going support about your website’s performance in the search engines

I will advise you on every aspect of your website from web hosting to domain name choices and from design to PPC advertising, and everything else in between (conversion optimisation, usability, etc). The goal is that at the end of this you will know a significant amount of information that I know, and it won’t cost your business an arm and a leg. You will be confident and understand some of the principles of SEO.

What you don’t get

These are almost as important as what you do get, so please read. I won’t provide the following, but I will enable you to find someone good to help with these aspects as you need them :

  • redesign of your website
  • installation of a CMS or blog, etc.
  • do custom programming for your website
  • copywriting
  • link building

Some of these you may already be capable of, and because of the lower budget quoted these are not covered.

Guaranteed to be good for you & your website

If you feel that at the end of the 6 months that you’re website hasn’t improved then you won’t have to pay the 2nd part of the payment. This is of course under the premise that you actually implement the suggested changes. Sounds fair ? Read the next section to get started.

Get 747 SEO

To get started simply fill out my contact form and I will arrange a call as soon as possible. There won’t be any hidden costs, no selling of extra products or services, just the help and advice that falls under the 747 SEO plan.

P.S. for plane enthusiasts, yes that is a 737-800 in the top picture, if you quote that fact when you contact me I will graciously give you the 747-SEO product for €737.

P.P.S. I am always looking for good copywriters, web designers, web developers & SEOs to work with. If you think you would like to work with me and be awesome together, please drop me a line telling me about yourself and what you do exquisitely well.