My 6 DLD15 Picks

For the last few years I’ve been following the progress of DLD (Digital Living Design) Conference in Munich []. It’s on every year the week before The World Economic Forum in Davos, and many of the people who go to Davos also come to DLD. The motto of the conference was titled ‘It’s only the beginning’, and after 10 years in operation the conference is firmly focused on the future.
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The future of shopping is here

Twitter has launched their mobile shopping experience. Promoted products offer another way to sell your product directly inline directly in your feed. Shopping has never been easier.

Picking good web domains

A few quick tips about picking a domain name for your online business. What is the best practise for picking a good domain name ? Don’t worry, read our article and we’ll show you the light.

Filtering URL parameters in Google Analytics

Do you want to remove unnecessary parameters in your Google Analytics reports ? There is of course a straight forward way to do it, under the Admin settings. We also highlight a common mistake that people make when entering these parameters.