Filtering URL parameters in Google Analytics

As webmasters, SEOs, online marketers you may want to exclude URL parameters for a number of reasons. Removing details has a few advantages:

  • helping to bunch certain pages together that are actually the same. Like query parameters that sort results on a page.
  • security :  to anonymise user data & their parameters
  • cleaning up views and goals to make them easier to track

Here’s an example of a clients messy Google Analytics account.


An unnecessarily messy GA view

There is no reason why we should monitor the key, or userid for that matter. So we can remove them.

Removing URL parameters

You can find this setting under

Admin > View > View Settings >> Exclude URL Query Parameters


One quick tip

One thing to keep in mind in Google Analytics is that you should have a comma and space between individual parameters. For some reason without the space it won’t work.

When it comes to removing parameters you should aim to remove as little as possible as you don’t know when you will need them in the future !

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