My 6 DLD15 Picks

For the last few years I’ve been following the progress of DLD (Digital Living Design) Conference in Munich []. It’s on every year the week before The World Economic Forum in Davos, and many of the people who go to Davos also come to DLD. The motto of the conference was titled ‘It’s only the beginning’, and after 10 years in operation the conference is firmly focused on the future.

After applying for a ticket, but not wanting to pay the €2,750 ticket price, I watched quite a few of the presentations online. I also had a bit of extra time on my hands this week as I sliced open my hand on Saturday and got 6 stitches ! Here are a few of my favourite talks that I saw and are definitely worth checking out, if you have any talks you particularly liked do share them in the comments.

Bill Gross at DLD

I really liked Bills statistics based approach into looking why some businesses are successful and some are not.

Andrew Keen with Mike Butcher at DLD

This is a lively discussion between Andrew and Mike who talk about where the world is now with the internet. Andrew is calling for a regulation on the internet, for the good of the whole society. “What about the Arab Spring?”

Scott Galloway at DLD

Scott looks at the future of Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google. How online shops will need to look at physical stores in the future. How social media is shifting to more visual networks and how Google’s share in search is declining and shifting to Facebook. One of my favourite quotes was “Google glass is not a wearable, it’s a prophylactic”.

Stewart Butterfield at DLD

The founder of SLACK [] talks about the future of work. He talks about how their timing has been key to their success, and how short messaging is the future for sharing information.

Oliver Samwer at DLD

My first time watching one of the Samwer brothers speak, and I must say, compare to what you hear about them in many media outlets, the guys seems to be quite reasonable. He talks about the recent IPO, life and some of Rocket Internet’s approaches to launching products.

Max Levchin at DLD

Max talked about his company Affirm, a company that wants to revolutionise banking. One of their first products can offer fixed rate loans for online purchases right at the shopping cart stage of buying.
{video not yet available}

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