Pictures with twitter

Here are some nice examples of using images in tweets. Adding images can help your deep & profound tweet have a bit more impact. Twitter now expands tweets with images inline, so a tweet with an image is more likely to catch your attention as it will take up more screen space.

Include text & hash tag

Here is a great example, it adds a hash tag text as well as the text content of the tweet.

Here an image isn’t really necessary, but by being there it catches the readers eye better.

Other times to use images

Images in your tweets can also be useful in other situations. For example, it’s not a good idea to link directly to something when:

  • the link might not be safe
  • it’s likely to be removed in the future

Here are two such examples.

How many images ?

Since last week twitter has now enabled tweets with up to 4 images in them.

Note : For some reason, right now you can only add 4 images on their iPhone application and not on the web application.

Twitter Cards

Twitter also has the facility to add extra information into your tweets. By specifying extra META information on your webpages, when they are tweeted you may see some extra information in the tweet.

For more on this check out Twitter Cards documentation.

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