Weekly Mini-challenges

Over the past few months I’ve started to do a bi-weekly mini-challenge. The idea of it is to something small to make a positive impact on my own or someone else’s life. Granted so far I’ve only been able to do things for myself, but eventually I’d like to explore the idea of doing things for other people too.

I’ve planned to do these for two weeks at a time, with the ultimate goal of it being that I would then tend to keep the new habits up once the time period is done. Creating better habits is the goal of this, but to do it in such a way that it’s fun to do and easy enough that it can be achieved without too much effort. My focus so far has been mostly daily challenges, but I guess this can be done with less frequent ones too.

I think that I’m more likely to give up if it’s not fun or quirky, and if it takes too much time, it will just be delayed until the end of the day. The net result of doing these little things is that you feel better for having accomplished some little task, for doing something thats put you in a better place.


tracking my 6 glasses of water consumption a day


  • GGoal – set your realistic mini-goal
  • GGo – and do it, and have fun doing it if possible.
  • TTell – tell people about what you are doing. The act of telling someone else builds in accountability and ultimately you are more likely to be successful if you’ve told someone what you plan.
  • TTrack – have a piece of paper on your desk or somewhere that you can track your progress
  • RResult – finish out your goal, don’t be distracted if you fail to hit your daily target, just start off again the following day. But make sure you get the result you want.
  • Rrepeat – repeat the challenge, and repeat with other challenges.

You can pronounce this like get’r 😉

Challenges I’ve done so far:

  • do more exercise
  • drink more water (see image above)
  • avoid social media sites and only check them at specific times
  • learn something new each day
  • enjoy a proper breakfast
  • take time to do something just for myself every day

I don’t think you  to do more than one challenge concurrently, in fact I would say just do one at a time and achieve it. You may find yourself incorporating little parts of these changes into your life just as a bit of habit. The idea here is to build better habits.  

If you have any suggestions of mini-challenges, I’d love to heard it in the comments on on twitter @paulsavage.

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