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Not all business models are equal

Recently in my office there has been a few lunch delivery services that have popped up. Anything that helps me avoid going out in snow and freezing temperatures is a¬†good thing. The two that I’ve […]

Automatic Google Analytics Alerts

A handy feature on Google Analytics is Custom Alerts. Get notified if your web traffic changes or if your goal completions statistics differ significantly. This will allow you to discover issues and opportunities sooner than you would yourself.

Testing email subjects

Yesterday we ran an interesting email campaign, we decided to add some A/B testing into it in order to optimise for ’email openings’. The title of this site is “Smarter IT” and we wanted to apply that to how we send our emails. The amount of people who open your email is an important KPI for your campaigns.

How I got to 1,000 facebook likes

A look at a popular piece of content and some strategies we used to increase it’s publicity. Here is an outline on how I helped bring some content I wrote to 1000 shares on facebook and to be view by a couple of thousand visitors.