Am I doing something right?

Today I got a new type of spam. So why not share with the audience ?


I noticed that you do great things in SEO field and thought that both of
our companies might have an interesting opportunity.

I represent an offshore outsourcing company which is based in Belarus
(Eastern Europe) and we achieved excellent results (have the
biggest SEO department in the country – 15 people and reached amazing
rankings for tons of highly competitive keywords).

Our pricing model is very attractive for a companies like yours if
ever consider using offshore office. Outsourcing is a proven way of
staying competitive in hard times like that. We provide you with
the full-time dedicated SEO Consultant which works exclusively with
your firm for a fixed rate of $1500-1800 per month. Those are professional
people and have profound level of expertise.

Our customers are in TOP10 for thousands of keywords combined.

Email me back if you are interested to discuss this further.
I think this is also the first time I was complimented in SPAM. 😀 Though it might only be the first SEO SPAM to get through the SPAM checkers. 


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