BarCampCork a Quick Review

I must say I had an absolutely fantastic time at BarCampCork ( Kudos goes to all the people (Conor and the rest of the gang) who helped to organise this and to all those who presented and shared what they knew.  Thinking back on it, I was really surprised how open and friendly people were. It was really refreshing and the atmosphere around the WebWorks in Cork last Saturday. To summarise in one 2 words it  was “simply great“.  For an idea on how BIG BarCampCork was, there are currently over 1,400 blog posts about it (134 this week) and Google returns over 1,800 mentions of the event. There was also over 100 people there from all different parts of the country and from different sectors of the industry present there.

I had tried my hand at live blogging at the start, but in the after a bit my camera failed, and I got more and more interested in the talks, so this idea was swiftly canned. I feel like the (un-)conference has left me charged and revitialised for some of the challenges I will be coming up again next year. It was reassuring to know that I’m not the first person to have these issues (starting off on my own), and the people who have succeed have inspired me to achieve. And the words of Pat Phelan, “just get it out there” !

It was my first time meeting and talking to these people, but it was great to meet all of you. Cheers for your tips and advice, and in no particular order Cormac, Pat, Dave, Alexia , GeansaiEoghan, Keith, Joe, Jason, Donncha, Alan, James, John, Sabrina, Ant and Robert (and possibly a few more). I now have a few more people to follow on twitter and my feed reader.

And sorry to those people who I’ve been meaning to talk to and say “hi” like Damien , Des, Jennifer I will try to catch ye next time.