BarCampCork here I come

Early next month (1st November 2008), BarCampCork ( will be taking place.   As I’ve never been to one of these events, it’s probably best to take the description straight from the website::

It’s about people getting together, sharing ideas, learning from each other and finding like-minds.

So if you are into the web, either as a professional : web designer, programmer, SEO, etc. or you are interested it bringing your business into the online world then this event could be for you. I’m really looking forward to putting some faces to names I’ve encountered over the least year on forums , blogs & email, as well as bouncing some ideas off people (if they will listen to me). These types of face to face events are a great way of networking and keeping your finger on the pulse.  This in fact is my first event in Ireland, I’ve been to a few (more SEO, affiliate marketing related) here in Munich.

People will be travelling from across Ireland to the event, but probably not as far as me.  I’m flying from Munich to Cork with scare-lingus , fly in on Friday mid-day and out again on early Monday morning and back to the office for midday on Monday.

It was last held in 2006, hopefully it won’t take as long get another one. So what are you waiting for sign up !
P.S. to see how is attending have a look  list of people here.


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