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What is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) means different things to different people, so first it is important to say a few words about what is SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is about making your website reach it's full potential. It's about having a search engine friendly website, while also delivering a good user experience.
After going to the time and effort to create a website, it's natural to want it to reach it's full potential. And this is where SEO comes into play.

SEO Strategies

To get a competitive advantage over your competitors and rank higher than them for search keywords. Here some of the things you can do to improve your rankings:
  • Adhering to Web Standards
  • Optimising your Page content (keyword density)
  • Creating a good website structure
  • Using text instead of images where possible
  • etc.
Once you have optimised your website, it's time to look at the improvements and extract statistics from your weblogs. Our SEO process works in three steps, optimisation, statistical analysis, optimisation again. We've found that each website will react to different tweaks, it's important to know what works for your website, and what doesn't.

SEO Projects:

SEO is very much an ongoing process, and often it can take months to see the fruits of your SEO efforts. For this reason our SEO projects run over months or longer:
2007 - 2008: an inhouse project focusing on the irish skiing market. ranks very highly against ski holiday operator keywords.
2002 - 2008: an inhouse project where we created one of Irelands most popular resources for irish jobs news. This site receives over 1,200 visitors a day.
2008: : careers consultant website. By creating a new design we increased the clients traffic by up to 200%. Customers were able to find the information they needed, and thus resulted in more sales queries.
2008: Travel Website, an affiliate marketer wanted to optimised their website to increase sales across multiple websites.


We use an array of tools, some designed by us and others from the SEO community. These tools, such as Wordze (a keyword tool) can help to identify what users are searching in the search engines. Some of the tools analyse your website with respect to your competitors, while others, like google analytics can break down sources of traffic and show paths people take through your website. BlackDog specialises in traffic acquisition and conversation optimisation, which will increase sales and profits.

about blackdog:

BlackDog started up in 2007, run by Paul Savage, offering SEO and web design services. Since 2002 Paul has run, a popular jobs news website, which is one of the more popular websites in it's field. With this website he has tuned his SEO skills, testing and trying new things. This has resulted in such a high ranking website. As Paul found himself helping more and more with SEO topics, he decided to offer it as a service.
Still reading? Paul grew up in Cork, studied in UCC (University College Cork), and earned his BSc. and BE, before packing himself off to Germany. He now resides in Munich, where he enjoys snowboarding during the winter, and cycling in the Alps during the summer. While the main base of his work is focused in Ireland, he has now started to work with some German clients. Munich is a thriving location for international businesses and many of them now are realising that SEO is more and more important to stay ahead of the competition.
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