Bing : But it’s not Google

Bing From Microsoft

Bing From Microsoft

Today Microsoft has relaunched Windows Live search and it is now called Bing ( Right now Bing looks very promising, at least for the US market, their image search and some localisation seems to be better compared with For some searches like [thai restaurant 33308] the results are very similar indeed. Bing’s image search has a nice slight zoom in featyre , and “similar images to this” option which is rather nice. They present the results rather clearer than google, and have an easier navigation system on the left hand side to drill down on queries.

For Bing.IE the results we looked at seem on a par with, i.e. as good or even better, when it comes to general queries of facts ([horse racing] for example). But when we start to ask more localised and to ask for [doctors in Cork] or [cooking courses], bing starts to show it’s weakness. I would generally expect more local search results to be returned, even without specifying “only pages from Ireland”. I’m sure that this will be improved over time, and Bing.IE’s deficiencies are not always a bad thing. Right now there are very little ads on, so you can be sure that the results you are getting are not confusing you with paid ads. This alone would move me to check bing before google.

Compare Google & Bings Search Results

For SEOs we have thrown together a quick tool that basically compares the two search engines side by side in one frame. Check out our Google compared with Bing Tool . Here you have the option to compare the .com or the .ie version of the search engines . The query will check and display the results for both search engines so you can see the difference in their ordering of the SERPs.

Google vs. Bing

Google vs. Bing

Search Results compared

Search Results compared

Submit your site to Bing

Hat tip to Michele for the link toBing’s URL submission. If you were previously in MSN Live Search results, then your site should also be listed in Bing, but if not you should take the time to add your URL.

Is Bing the Google Killer ?

Right now I think it is too early to say whether Bing is a real Google killer, but it does look like it will give Google a run for their money. I’ve read that Microsoft are planning an ad campaign in around the $100m mark, so after that I’m sure everyone will know what it is ‘to bing‘ just like they know what it is ‘to google‘.


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