New Google Reader Stats

Just checking on my google reader ( this morning and I was surprise when I checked the details tab on CopyBlogger ( Google have now added some more stats. Before you were only able to see the number of subscribers (no sure how accurate it was) and the post frequency. Now google is letting us know a little more, and also looks at how you read this particular blog.

How many times a day they blog

google reader metrics

Number of blog posts over the last 30 days

stats on reader for last 30 days

At what time of the day are the posts published

reader stats from google reader
So here we see that google has metrics on usage of blogs. They are building up patterns of usage for the users. I’m guessing that they not only use this data to show us something nice, but that these factors could be fed back into the Google Machine and taken into account some way.
When you think about it, especially for blogs, having a usage profile it quiet interesting. It could be considered that these blogs that say, have a higher reader frequency, have a consistent blogging frequency  would be more important/trusted. These profiles could also be used for identifying splogs (spam blogs) or could even be a factor in ranking parts of a website. Google has access to a whole load of information from services like Google Reader, Google Analytics and FeedBurner. Now I am wondering if there is a feedback loop that effects your rankings in some little way. Sure why not ?
So if you don’t have a blog already, maybe you should think of getting one !

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