That SEO contest

Yesterday Damien’s SEO contest came to an end and google has been very nice to my entry . The basic rules of  the competition were to:

  • rank highest for the term [geansai gorm] on
  • domain name had to be new
  • .IE domains were not allowed
  • no keywords allowed in the domain name

And here are the results:

Hats off to the other guys who but in some great efforts. I counted around 15 entries, all though I am not sure if some of them were created by the same person.

A longer post will be following in a few days hopefully. Where I will be outlining some approaches I took to things (obviously some things I won’t be discussing). As I am a great fan of stats, here are some:

  • Overall I had unique visitors 788 to the website.
  • The resulted in almost 6, 000 page views.
  • The busiest day (besides December 1st) was November 16th where 73 visitors came and looked at my entry.
  • 531 people visited via the keyword “geansai gorm”
  • strangest keywords were “photosesion dublin” and “gigs in kerry”
  • google delivered 601 visitors
  • windows live gave 40 visitors
  • yahoo sent 20 visitors
  • 2 people came via MSN search
  • 17 blog posts were created
  • google indexed 36 individual pages.
  • 232MB of bandwidth was used by visitors
  • 7MB of bandwidth was used by googlebot

Daily search positions of the entries can be seen here.
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