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SEO tweaks for jobberbase

Jobberbase is an open source jobs software, and out of the box it is quite strong. In this article we list 2 things you can do to improve you jobberbase jobs board’s SEO.

How not to do onpage SEO

A quick example of so called ‘bad SEO’. Here we have some blatant link stuffing, which shows that an SEO has gone too far in their idea to have relevant deep links to their pages content. This SEO tactic has the potential to get their domain banned from the SERPs.

List blogroll only on homepage

A quick blog post on how you can stop your wordpress blog displaying your Blogroll links on all your pages. For SEO reasons, it is quite likely that you don’t want to always have your many blogroll links being display on the page. It can also be the case that if your blog post is short, your page layout may not look so good with all the links.

Did google penalise me ?

Here is a quick look at how a Google Penalty can manifest itself. In our study we saw a great big spike in traffic and then subsequently all traffic from google just stopped. The client thought that they hadn’t done anything wrong, and it in the end it seems that the sudden increase of incoming links triggered some google alarm bells, and then they turned off the traffic. Read on for some details of our study of the google penalty.
example of a Google penalty

Watching who you link to

It’s important to observe who you link to. Forgetting to check this could lead to so angry customers or worse you could be penalised by google for being associated with a bad neighborhood. Checking these links is an important part of online reputation management.