See below for a cheap way to watch RTÉ online from all over the world. Watch GAA & Irish rugby etc.

This tool no longer works. Sadly over the last few weeks RTE has released a new (better) version of their player, which no longer depends heavily on SMIL files, and now uses Flash extensively. We are not able to find a way around this, or to provide details of other tools that will be able to work around it. We are sorry, but this tool won't be able to provide access to programming in the near future.


Using a VPN

It is possible to use a proxy or VPN ( that will 'change' or reroute your IP address to an Irish one. This works by sending your computer traffic via a 3rd party server in Ireland. This service isn't free, but for the price of a pint or two (in Dublin a pint costs over €5) you can get access to watch all the 6 nations games or GAA which are shown on RTÉ. We've done our research on 3 services, and they are presented in the table below. Some offer trials, some also offer access to servers in the UK, which can be used for watching BBC iPlayer & Channel 4's service 4oD. These proxies can be configured to work with iPads or iPhones. It's not just sport that you can watch via these tools, but you probably know that already ;).

3 Proxies Compared

How they work

Basically these services work by routing all your traffic through a different country.

Free Options ?

We have seen (and wasted our time) on free options. As you generally get what you pay for, these free options are typically unstable, or slow, or both.


This code was based on a request on how to get around the geocode checks that users IPs, for users outside Ireland.

Proxies with iPads

To get BBC iPlayer or Channel 4OD in other countries you need to make a new account on iTunes, see for details. You can have more than 1 iTunes account synced to a device.

RTÉ Player on iPad

The RTÉ player doesn't work on iPads as it's Flash based. But works on Andriod platforms.


  • 17/10/2014 - details from about RTE online
  • 04/02/2011 - Alternative for RTE found
  • 14/01/2011 - Alternative for iPlayer found
  • 09/03/2009 - Tool taken offline - RTE changed their service.
  • v0.4 - 05/02/2009 - Added new method to grab file, try beta solution
  • v0.3.1 - 24/11/2008 - Added some style and donation button
  • v0.3 - 17/11/2008 - Format change by TV station, working again. Thanks Tom.
  • v0.2 - 17/10/2008 - Working grabbing the right RM file, not able to download
  • v0.1 - 8/10/2008 - First test program, tester feedback needed

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